We Work On More Than Jeeps

I know I know I know. To some folks, when they drive by they see decked out, fully built, coilovered, roof top tented, beadlocked one-ton axles, V8 LS swapped Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators. While it is true that we have become experts in Jeeps, building and customizing them, we also provide services that are geared towards more conventional setups and uses. Did you know that we install trailer hitches on mini vans? You wouldn’t even think to ask us that and it’s definitely something that we are trying to change. Did you know that we sell and install vent visors and bug shields? How about differential/ring and pinion work? Or computer programmers? Or custom wheels for cars and other vehicles that aren’t four wheel drive? The list goes on and on. We will even lower a vehicle, if you’re into that sort of thing, like Blake.

Automotive accessories. Those two words are the simplest distillation of what it is we do here. We have a ton of experience working across multiple platforms of vehicles and this year we are making a push to provide that experience to as many people as possible. Our facility and equipment is top of the line and more than capable of handling the latest and greatest vehicles available. Do you have a souped up race car that requires specialty suspension components and specific alignment setup characteristics? We got you. Do you just need some floorliners for your commuter car? We got you there too. Come in, stop by and let’s see what we can do specifically for you. We work on more than Jeeps.

Love you bye JR

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