What is MEO?

We hear that question at least once a week if not more. You may or may not be surprised to learn that MEO has been around since 2010. It all began way back when Collin had a soul patch and I had zero knowledge of anything automotive. He was a highly qualified Mercedes Benz technician working in the Dallas area but he and his old lady, Mindy wanted to come back to the P because it was home and start a business. He had a dream and damnit if he wasn’t successful at fulfilling that dream.

We would work on just about anything. Beat to hell Jeep Wranglers, mud-covered feed trucks, you name it. I say we but it was really just Collin due to my massive lack of ability with tools. This was back in the days of Donks on 24’s with Dr. Pepper and Spongebob paint jobs. Since we installed lift kits on trucks we said hey, we can totally do it to cars too. I’ll tell ya right now, that shit sucked. They weren’t made to be lifted. And when they were lifted they rode awful. Installing them was sketch mode 5000 because there may or may not have been some “unapproved techniques” to get a lower control arm attached to a steering knuckle. It was a shit show and we don’t do it anymore.

With a focus on the Truck/Jeep/SUV market we got through that phase and really made a mark with our style and skills. At some point Blake and his absolutely massive head were brought on and he worked/complained in the shop with Collin. He still complains. There was a little break before we moved from across town to our current location on Lamar and here we are going on about 2 years here. Most of our work load is towards that Truck/Jeep/SUV market but we’re currently plotting on how to cast a wider net for more applications and automotive accessories. What that means? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

Love you bye JR

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